Point of Purchase

Point of Purchase (POP) is any in-store display or advertisement throughout the store or at checkout.

Packaging Design Point of Purchase Design for a Product Called Ground Sprout for Tractor Supply

Point of Purchase can build recognition and desire, and help change a customer’s mind about their purchase decision. That’s why many print and packaging promotional campaigns are integrating digital messaging of some sort right into apps, shelf displays, and POS devices.

Which Point of Purchase Displays are the Best?

The options are endless when you’re considering a Point of Purchase campaign. There are displays for the shelf, floor, wall, and countertop, and advertising banners/displays on windows, shelves, and hanging from the ceiling. id8 is ready to offer you recommendations to help you make an educated decision.

According to shop! (POPAI) research, floor stands (51%) are the most common in-store display types, followed by end cap displays (35%), sidekick displays (3%), and gondola displays (2%). The most effective floor displays are pallet displays, half-pallet displays, and standees. We have designed hundreds of standees and recently designed a double high display that enabled the retailer to double the revenue generated from that square footage of space.

When working with id8, you don’t have to do all of the research yourself. That’s where we come in. Instead of you wasting time and pouring through websites and standard off-the-shelf displays, we do your research for you. We listen to your goals, learn about your customers, and ask questions to come up with unique ideas. We spend time thinking and brainstorming ideas based on materials, placement, size, color, and the level of disruption you prefer. Then we curate the best solutions and concepts to achieve your goals.

Get in the Way

To sell in a brick-and-mortar retail environment, we believe that you must disrupt the shopper when they are on their regular shopping route through the aisles. Even if they’re seeking specific product features or benefits, getting in their visual field is important. When we complete a shelf audit, we understand the competitive landscape by shelf position and also packaging design. By understanding the competition, we can better position your brand to stand out.

Be Unique and Be Differentiated in Your Point of Purchase Displays

Unique graphics and colors, especially when they contrast, capture a consumer’s attention. Customization generates attention by disrupting the consumer’s usual visual/perceptual and cognitive processes. People only notice changes in their visual field, which is why generic displays don’t work well. When we design Point of Purchase displays, we are creating a custom and noticeable display so that the customer’s eye is drawn to your brand.