Product Launch

At id8, we begin the Product Launch process by gathering information about the corporation which includes interviews with leadership, product innovators, and the marketing team. We review the business plan and SWOT analysis along with any other market research that explains the available opportunity for the product. We then ask questions and gather information about the specific audience demographics (Who are your customers? Why are these customers receptive?).

Zep product launch for mobile product finder

We deliver a “Planning-The-Product Introduction” Document that outlines a schedule and answers the questions:
• What is the motivation(s) to switch from another product to the new product?
• What is the motivation(s) to switch to this product?
• How does the brand align our offerings with our customer wants?

We help the VP of Marketing and the Marketing team by offering support for the new product. Our outside perspective and focus, on this one product alone, supports their team in reaching their goals, both in impressions and results. A product may be fantastic, however, if the launch is a flop, it may never be seen or worse yet, be seen in poor light. Our role is to foster an accurate impression, build awareness for the product, create excitement, and cultivate active engagement with the product.

Product Launch Cadence

In our experience, there is a specific process and order that builds success. We write detailed schedules so that your marketing team and id8 are synchronized in efforts and in message. There may be about 10 different tactics occurring at once, so it’s important that we utilize our project management team to funnel all communications and also verify that we are completing all deliverables accurately.

Print and Digital Campaign

Our goal is to generate awareness and create warm leads for sales. Our hybrid approach intersects public relations, advertising, and digital marketing to reach your customer base where they are and offer multiple impressions so it is remembered. We build on-brand campaign elements which may include banner ads, press releases, ad slicks, direct mail, and landing pages. Elements are created for different audience segments based on the specific benefits to them. This will be our digital asset library and creates guidelines for the visual look of the product and what the tone of the campaign sounds like.

Sales Support Materials

The sales team needs a toolbox so that they have new information for their current clients and prospects. Our process includes discussions with the sales team upfront to understand how they interact with their clients, what they are missing, what their clients want, and what would make their job easier. We incorporate this into the types of sales materials we develop. If they just go into a binder or a folder, then they don’t work. It’s important to customize these tools for your team. Sales tools we have created in the past are tear pads, product sheets, letters, brochures, magnets, and more.

Promotional Materials

Often, a product launch happens at a live event like a trade show. We help you build your trade show theme and come up with new ways to display your new product. We create motivating ways to encourage people into your booth and asking for more information on the product. Prior to the event, we build momentum through teasers about the new product. Attendees see ads and marketing that create buzz and develop a strong desire to see or try. We select, design, and curate your trade show booths, pull-up banners, unique dimensional signs, lighting, seating, and promotional giveaways like t-shirts and bags.

Having a strategy for a product launch is the best way to build pre-sales and interest prior to release. Let id8 help you launch your brand with the right timing and the right message. Connect with id8 to get more info on our product introduction process.