Project Manager

Client-facing point of contact who acts as the strategic and tactical point person to our team of creative professionals for day-to-day activities.

Join our growing and collaborative creative team in Marietta Square that rewards a job well done! Intense and driven, we’re looking for a detail-oriented project manager who responds positively to unpredictable situations and can easily juggle multiple tasks simultaneously while driving proven processes. They love the behind-the-scenes things like scheduling, carefully reviewing rounds of revisions, and communicating diplomatically to a client when we need to get clarity. They will work closely with our clients, creative team, and vendors to produce outstanding branding, packaging, and digital solutions. Optimistic and upbeat, id8 is looking for a project manager who is flexible with others, and uses a persuasive and "selling" communication style. This individual actually gains energy from others and gives off positive energy to those around them, whether in an actual work environment or simply in a social situation.

id8 is searching for a project manager who understands how a specific task fits into the client's success and can see the point of view of both our clients and our internal teams. They can then express those perspectives, concerns, and requirements to the other side. We’re looking for someone with the ability to be a facilitator, motivator and communicator in order to get the desired results. Many account managers will delegate to either project managers or project coordinators in a tireless game of telephone. This position is different because this role is both strategic and tactical, handling the day-to-day activities and ensuring the client’s satisfaction. And if you are reading this job description and considering this position, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

An id8 project manager is the kind of person who will know what our clients want—and what they need—before they do. More than anything, they keep the pressure on their project team to create the award-winning work id8 is known for—they make decisions and find solutions quickly with an optimistic attitude and a strong work ethic.


How will you be measured?

  • On-time project delivery 100%
  • A-Rated client retention 100%
  • Project profitability 90%
  • A-Rated client growth 85%


  • 3+ Years of Experience in a Marketing Agency
  • 3+ Years of Experience with Branding and Digital Projects
  • Degree in Sales, Marketing, Graphic Design, Advertising, or Communications