Retail Brand Strategy

A retail brand strategy is a plan that encompasses specific, long-term goals. We achieve this with the evolution of a successful retail brand. That’s the combined components of your company’s character and product. It’s what makes you identifiable.

Retail brand strategy showing ShadeCooler Packaging Design placed to the left of a laptop showing the ShadeCooler website

A well-defined and executed strategy affects all aspects of a business. It connects to your customer’s needs and emotions. It also utilizes the store (in-store and online) environments.

Discovery Session

At id8, our creative team begins with a two-hour discovery session at the project start. We gather information and get to know more about your product(s) and the brand behind it. We spend time in interviews with both internal stakeholders and customers. This allows us to understand the culture, customer preferences, and perceptions. We learn your business objectives and plans for future growth. If there is a SWOT analysis or business plan, we review those documents as well.

Target Audience For Your Retail Brand Strategy

Next, specific audience demographics are defined. We ask questions like:

  • Who are your customers?
  • Why are these customers receptive?

Customer Motivations

Then, we define what your brand strategy for retail will look like. It is different for each customer group and the answers to these questions will guide the direction of the plan.

  • What is the motivation(s) to switch from another product to this product?
  • What is the motivation(s) to search for a new product?
  • How does this brand align our product with our customers’ desires?

Retail Brand Strategy Guide

Finally, the deliverables in the strategy guide the remainder of the packaging design project.

The retail brand strategy includes:

  • Explanation of the Situation
  • Objectives and Goals
  • Parameters
  • Position of Pitch
  • Disruption
  • Investor Communications

To learn more about what id8 can do for your retail business, please send us an email. We’ll schedule some time that is Focused on Your Brand.