Shelf Audit

To ensure we create a packaging solution that not only meets your requirements but also stands out from the competition, we perform a shelf audit.

A Business Woman standing in a supermarket at a shelf inspecting products representing a shelf audit being preformed.

A shelf audit is a simple, yet powerful exercise. Members of our team here at id8 actually go out and visit stores, or wherever similar products are sold, and look at several factors:

Retail Shelves

How the shelves are set up—Where they are? What is the height, style, and space between shelves?

Competitive Products

The competition—What kinds of packaging are they using? What colors and styles? Do they use pictures or illustrations? Caps or lids? Jars or bags?

Online Stores

Next, we go online to learn more about your competition through the web, including what they do well and what they don’t do well. We look at what customers are saying about them, as well as what customers are looking for.


We then analyze all of that information and look for patterns that will help us determine a design that will meet the requirements for the product (it has to be usable), yet is unique enough to set it apart. We then provide you with a strategy for moving forward.

See how id8 partnered with Inland Seafood to develop new packaging for their Woodsmoke Provisions line of smoked fish.

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