Traditional Advertising

Successful traditional advertising strategy must have stop-ability. The team at id8 doesn’t believe in just putting a picture and some copy together and calling it done.

Traditional Advertising

At id8, we start by gathering information about the goal and the audience the ad is targeting. Your advertisement shouldn’t blend into your competitive market, which drives id8 to have a thorough understanding of what the market is doing so we can direct you in an opposite direction.

The Traditional Advertisement Process

We are a conceptually-driven agency. So, we start developing concepts from our brainstorming sessions. Our creative team selects the strongest concepts. From there, we create compelling messages and visuals that connect with your audience. Next, we present our concepts for your initial review and feedback. Then we move into revisions based on collaborative discussions. This process ensures that our work meets your goals and feels like your organization.
We also consider the requirements from the publisher. Our team designs your advertisement so it’s acceptable for their publication. We can bring in our photography team to take pictures of new products, packaging, or people. We bring in anything needed to execute the idea.
Once, to get the right look, we cut up watermelon chunks, shot them on toothpicks, and then cut out each one so they appear to be floating in bubbly water. Our team can create the idea even if it has never been done before. Those are the best ideas!

Traditional Advertising Formats

We apply this same process to other traditional advertisement formats. Some types of traditional advertising that we have designed for are:
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Large Format Banners
  • Signs
  • MARTA Bus Wraps
  • Pole Banners
  • Magazines, Covers, and Inserts
  • Newspapers