University Branding

University branding helps tell the story of the campus to current and future students.

Campus Services at Kennesaw State University manages all aspects of campus life, specifically university branding for campus housing. KSU started building residential communities in 2008 and now provides housing on campus for 5,200 students. Experiencing a huge increase in both student housing and enrollment, KSU started exploring branding agencies in Atlanta and partnered with id8 to create a unique university branding experience. Successful branding can help institutions, like KSU, connect and resonate with their audience better. Implementing an excellent branding experience is one way that recruiting colleges can encourage prospective students to feel more at ease with their decision to enroll.

The Look and Feel of University Branding

University branding can have a major influence on the look and feel of a college. The Kennesaw State University branding experience engages both students and visitors to the campus. For many high school seniors and prospective students looking to attend college, their choice is determined by a number of factors. Aside from the educational benefits, students often make their college decision based on aspects such as campus life, school spirit, and community environment.

Our goal was to develop a new brand strategy that focused on boosting school spirit and KSU pride among current students and faculty. In addition, we wanted to emphasize and foster a special university connection among visitors on KSU campus tours. Some students will make their college decision based on a gut feeling, but what people don’t realize is that this impression can be created and managed by the right branding experience. The right designs have the power and potential to instill this unexplainable feeling of comfort.

An Inviting Experience

id8 delivered a larger than life university branding experience that welcomed visitors and invited prospective students to feel at home during their tour. We wanted the walkway from where visitors are instructed to park before the tour to where they enter the main part of campus to align with new and existing university branding. Using a mix of massive signage combined with more personal wayfinding, our design agency was able to establish a sense of unity across the campus. The designs established consistency along the pathway from the North side of the KSU Campus where 2,200 students live, to the University Village, University Village Suites, and KSU Place.

Large Graphic Design

This huge university branding project included huge graphics stretching over 100 glass panes, vinyl covering two 40-foot-tall brick walls, branding highlighting the two-story lobby of University Village Suites, and signage welcoming students at the entrances and exits of the campus housing community. These installations emphasize the KSU brand and marketing strategy of the Campus Services department.

University Branding KSU

Building the Community

These new visually appealing designs bring creative marketing concepts to life and encourage both current and visiting students to feel more comfortable and excited, as they navigate their way through the buildings and different areas of KSU. This major university branding experience helps to build and strengthen the community and campus life that Campus Services fosters so well. The new university branding gives visitors opportunities to take pictures along their tour, creating an instant connection to the KSU community. The wayfinding signage aims to inspire a sense of belonging and provide clear directions for all students, allowing for easy navigation of a large campus.

University Branding KSU Campus