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id8 provides website redesign services that focus on building a brand digitally and building legitimacy.

Website Redesign id8

A website could need a total redesign due to several reasons:

  • A corporate rebranding
  • The Content Management System (CMS) is outdated
  • The website is not responsive (mobile-friendly)
  • The messaging and photography are outdated
  • The website doesn’t represent your current brand
  • Your organization has evolved but the website hasn’t
First of all, at id8, we start with an audit of your current website. This includes analyzing website traffic, brand, and search engine results. We additionally check errors, mobile responsiveness, and page speed. Next, we meet with you to better understand your perspective, goals, and needs for your website.
From that meeting, we create a proposal. It will tell you how best to achieve your goals for the website redesign and for future growth. Based on those goals, we would recommend specific features, including options like:
  • landing pages
  • chatbots
  • flyout menus
  • eCommerce
  • newsletter subscriptions
  • 301 redirects
  • language translations.
You should focus your site design on function. How can users quickly and easily access the information they are seeking? The term for this is User-Centered Design. This means that your website utilizes a layout and oorganization of content that makes it easy for the user to find the information they’re seeking. There is a great article about Form Follows Function on Medium.
We build websites as an extension of your brand experience. Many times, website developers build a site based on what technology they know best. Here at id8, we focus on user-centered design and methods to build your brand equity. We select the backend system based on how we can best accomplish those two goals first. In the end, your site will be easy to use and also be a strong representation of your brand.

Our process for website design is:

  1. Discover
  2. Create
  3. Activate

Sitemaps and Wireframes Support Website Redesign

In Discover, we focus on research, strategy, and information architecture. We will create a sitemap and wireframes to define how the information will flow. It shows you how users will navigate on their visit. For a large website that is more than 100 pages, we would also enlist a team to create customer journey maps. Our id8 journey maps select three customer types. Each type is trying to achieve one of three different goals. Our team creates customer journey maps to show their step-by-step progress through the site. In the end, the map defines necessary features, flow, and functions that support the best user experience. To learn more about customer journey maps, read this article by Nielsen Norman Group How to Run a Journey-Mapping Workshop: A Step-by-Step Case Study.

In the second phase, Create, we take the wireframes and create on-brand messaging and copywriting that work with our elegant designs. The client is shown two design solutions from which they select the option that they feel best suits their brand and achieves their goals. This id8 method gives clients the opportunity to make some selections on preference. We want the client to know we are working side by side while giving them enough information to make educated design decisions.

Lastly, we Activate the chosen design into development and launch. We optimize imagery, write the code, write metadata, build-out sections of the website to bring the website to life, and more. In this phase, all of the buttons, links, and interactions are fully functional to allow the client and our internal team to test the website and ensure it is working properly At id8 we utilize a 30-point checklist (id8’s Quality Assurance) to verify every page, every function, and every link.

If user-centered design and brand are of the utmost importance to your company, we would love to speak with you about our website redesign services. Let’s schedule an initial consultation so we can perform a preliminary audit and get to know your business. We are always eager to hear from you.