Website Refresh

When your website framework is up to date and mobile-friendly, id8 can still help by offering a website refresh that updates the look and content.

Website Refresh id8

We start by making updates to the existing themed site to refresh the look and feel to better engage with the target audience and then add new content to keep your customers coming back for the updated information.

Mobile-Friendly Website Update

A website refresh or update may include the following:

  • Update the domain name or change forwarding as needed for the domain.
  • Optimize the website for search. This includes addressing the metadata, alt tags, sitemap submission, H1 tags, and analytics.
  • Update graphic elements, logo, and brand name to be consistent with your current brand update.
  • Integrate your new brand color palette even in the menu, header, and navigation.
  • Add clear call to actions on pages to direct visitors through the site.
  • Clean up footer graphics—create a visual hierarchy of logos and categorize by associations and partners. Add social icons and phone number for a call to action.
  • Implement consistent color palette usage, type spacing, and button styling across all pages.
  • Add a consistent header graphic to all sub-pages.
  • Focus on the homepage and add a header image/graphic and title for visual appeal. Redesign graphics, update for proper messaging, and create a hierarchy with the copy. Use SEO standards by utilizing H1 and H2 tags.

If you have identified that your website is a great candidate for a website refresh, let’s set-up a meeting to talk through your goals.