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We are an Atlanta creative agency on a mission.

id8 brings better, smarter creative solutions to mid-market businesses. As a boutique creative agency, we give you personalized attention. Our data-driven approach provides clear ROI from your marketing and advertising efforts.

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Design rooted in research

Our boutique creative agency is comprised of our team of designers and communicators. We base our creative choices on science. Using market research, we craft effective, meaningful brand messages. Our clients are located throughout the Southeast. They include manufacturers, government agencies, and mid-market businesses in an array of industries.

The consistent support and high-quality work from id8 have made them a valuable ongoing partner in this engagement. Their ability to adapt to new projects and meet expectations is crucial.

- Melanie Brasher, Carroll 

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As we work with you, we keep your values, goals, and competition top of mind.  Our role as a boutique creative agency is to present fresh ideas. So, we adjust those ideas to your ever-changing marketplace, keeping your brand competitive, growing, and meaningful.  And, as your partner, it’s our job to ask tough questions, give feedback, and sometimes be the bearer of bad news. We treat you as we would want to be treated – with forthright honesty.

id8 provides you clarity
id8 provides

We cut through the noise. Our aim is to keep you focused on the business challenges you're facing. So, we show how your communications can offer a dramatic impact. As your boutique creative agency, we take on your challenges and opportunities. So, we do our research. We collect data that leads to decisions based on facts, not intuition. The results are defined goals, relevant designs, and clear messages that work. As you will see, the value of your marketing spend with id8 is obvious.

id8 is your brand advocate
id8 is your

We are fierce protectors 
of your brand. Your 
brand represents your company. It 
has great value and, as a result, it is under constant 
pressure. We will scrutinize it. Strip it down to reveal its essence. 
Build it back up with a refresh. 
We'll show you how to use it and how to translate it for different purposes. 
We champion your 
relationship with your 
market, your customers, and 
your team.

boutique creative agency - creative science
Creative without science is just artwork
Creative without
science is
just artwork

As a boutique creative agency, id8 is the right fit for mid-sized companies. We show you the benefit of true, data-driven marketing. These valuable insights drive our creative decisions and produce better business results. We then measure and test our impact so you know exactly what's working, what’s not, and how to adjust. As an id8 client, you are better informed, better prepared, and more competitive.