After years of prosperous growth and acquisitions, this family-owned business had turned into a global, logistics leviathan serving the supply chain market from origin to destination. Growth didn’t come without challenge, for the enterprise. As part of this rapid expansion, individual companies had not been completely aligned under a master brand that, over time, has been eroding the organization's ability to cross-market and communicate their strong value to customers seeking multiple services.


Uncover the undeniable value that connects the companies

Starting with an in-depth research exercise that included internal and external audiences, the team sought to uncover the inherent value among each individual company seeking to find the common thread running through them all.


Align the companies under one brand

Uncovered by the research and audit, a common narrative was created that applied to every company, division, and team member of Bennett. This refreshed message platform helped shape the ways and means that the global brand would use to communicate their value to the market.


Revealed value leads to refreshed image

From the message and language, a new brand identity was developed that would be used to unify all the individual companies under one common look and lexicon. This easily identified look and feel will help the global enterprise secure greater market share as the organization increases their footprint among clients.

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