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Administered by the National Park Service government agency, the Freedom Riders National Monument honors the Freedom Riders of 1961. During the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, discriminatory laws required racial separation in interstate travel. To challenge these laws, a group of activists rode public buses throughout the Southeast. They began their journey in Washington, D.C. During their travels, a mob attacked and bombed a Greyhound bus carrying a group of these activists, known as the Freedom Riders. With the 60th anniversary in 2021, the National Park Service wanted to recognize and remember this event. As a government agency, the NPS preserves special places and local history, while sharing meaningful stories that celebrate local heritage.

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Supporting the Mission of the National Park Service

As part of its mission, the National Park Service aims to educate and inspire current and future generations. To support this goal, the NPS creates opportunities for families and kids to connect with the parks. id8 helped by producing creative design concepts for their Freedom Riders National Monument Junior Ranger Book. The design of this activity book honors the mission of this government agency and the 60th anniversary of the Freedom Riders. This Junior Ranger Book serves as a powerful tool and resource for young minds to learn about the monument and the history behind it. When they visit the Freedom Riders National Monument, this resource provides opportunities for students to interact and engage during their experience. Our creative design guides students through stories, eye-catching graphics, and educational activities. This design supports the mission of the National Park Service, while strengthening the learning experience for students.

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Creative Design That Speaks to the Freedom Riders National Monument

First, we set the stage for students to learn about the Civil Rights Movement. Effective design can influence interpretations, spark powerful emotions, and inspire action. Through visual language and messaging, our creative design helps students dive into history. For the Freedom Riders National Monument Junior Ranger Book, we selected colors and typography based on advertising styles used in the 1960s. Then, we designed its theme using illustration styles inspired by black artists of the time. These design elements add to the authentic look and feel and immersive experience of the activity book.

Finally, this Junior Ranger Book makes students think and reflect. By setting the story of the Freedom Riders in the context of other events, students see different perspectives and where inequalities still exist. By including provoking writing prompts to answer throughout the activity book, students begin to understand the pressures and challenges faced during this time in history. With an engaging and creative design for this Junior Ranger Book, the National Park Service helps students realize how they can be positive forces of change.

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