id8 Agency Lab

With the surprisingly widespread acceptance of remote work, we have seen an opportunity to bring students into the agency environment and culture like never before. With our Agency Lab we are able to offer students the opportunity to observe agency and client relations, from on-boarding and status meetings, through creative deliverables and completion, all in a serialized fashion to give students some practical experience and help them prepare for a career with an agency after graduation.

“We believe that this is a moment in time where students can get a peek into our world, in a way they could never have done before.”

Why we launched the Agency Lab

For college students everywhere, the COVID-19 pandemic hit especially hard, impacting their ability to gain invaluable professional and job-related experience through internships and work-study programs. While this time was a bleak lapse in normality, it also presented an opportunity to be innovative and inventive. We created the Agency Lab initially to mitigate a problem, but have realized it was really exposing a dramatic blind spot that was there all along. We decided to expand into something new out of the experience.


Enrich your mind

The ability to drop into meetings easily through Zoom will help students see how an agency delivers its product and understand the roles within the agency long before the student is faced with the challenge of securing a full-time position. It’s training for what agency life will be like, before joining an actual agency. Get the lay of the land, ask questions, and speak with professionals before venturing forth into a career.


Is this the right fit for you?

id8 Agency Lab is best for college juniors and seniors who have a grounded understanding of either design or marketing and want to see how their talents could be used in a practical setting. If you’re curious, willing to commit your time to attend, and interested in following the client’s journey, this could be an ideal solution for you to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and experience and have a more rounded understanding of agency life.


Let's get started

Steps to apply
1. Get a letter of recommendation from one of your graphic design or marketing professors
2. Click on the LET’S GO button below to complete the form to be considered for the position
3. Complete the agreement for the id8 agency lab

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