Best Packaging Design Guide

What does your packaging experience say about you? On average, consumers open seven packaged goods a day. Brands with the best packaging design create positive customer experiences. Brilliant brands see packaging as an opportunity to create something share-worthy.

As a society, we find joy in packaging. The word “unboxing” describes the simple act of opening a package. Yet, the invention of this word acknowledges an experience associated with this process. YouTube has tons of videos centered around the topic of product packaging. These include videos of people un-packaging everything from technology to makeup. Some influencers dedicate their content to product reviews. These often compare products with the best packaging design and the worst.

Packaging can boost sales

Yes, packaging can lead to profits. MillerCoors’ sales decreased last year. The brewer took a chance on a fresh and creative look: the Miller Lite retro can. This was the best packaging design decision they could have made. Without changing the recipe, MilllerCoors was able to increase sales by nearly 5%. This brewer isn’t the only company that aimed to improve sales by changing its packaging. Tecate and Narragansett also jumped on the trend, without tampering with its product.

Make it an experience

American consumers love nostalgia. This was a driving factor in the success of the retro beer cans. Nostalgia is one of the many positive emotions that packaging design can trigger. There are bodies of research surrounding the phenomenon of packaging. Additionally, there are design and behavioral studies dedicated to the unboxing experience. The elements of surprise, delight, suspense, and gratification are wrapped into a package. Engineered through a layered approach, these elements form a neat little bundle.

But what if the packaging experience begins before you even receive it? Some retailers add anticipation to their strategy. Marshalls recently launched the “surprise box” campaign. Shoppers must search the store for a packaged box of goods with a large question mark. This bold packaging is consistent with the campaign theme. The whimsical hunt reinforces Marshall’s brand promise. If shoppers are willing to sift through the store, they can find treasure somewhere.

People aren’t rational

Let’s rephrase that. People are smart, but they don’t have the time to research every purchasing decision. Sometimes, they have to rely on a series of visual cues and assumptions.

For consumer products, most decisions are instinctive and reactive. Yet, brand designs are often based on the idea that these decisions are rational and informed. Eye-tracking studies reveal consumers read only seven words during an entire shopping trip. Color, shape, familiarity, and location influence most of their buying decisions. 

Environmentally friendly? Let them know

Our heavy consumption has led to greater concerns about the environment. People are more aware of the impact of packaged goods.

Consumers find it difficult to differentiate between sustainable and unsustainable packaging. Determining the environmental status of even the best packaging design can be impossible. If you go through the effort of using eco-friendly packaging, SAY IT. Telling consumers isn’t bragging. It helps consumers make an informed purchasing decision.

The visual appearance of a package influences conscious sustainable purchasing decisions. Research reveals that packaging influences consumer behavior when it comes to processing waste. Eco-friendly packaging has a higher chance of selection among consumers. The best package design will highlight this feature and most likely end up in the recycling bin.

What you need to know about packaging

In a nutshell, here are six tips for effective packaging:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Rank your messages
  3. Make it simple and easy to understand
  4. Be unique
  5. Trigger emotions
  6. Make the package part of an experience

Think a fresh package could give your product a boost? The experts at id8 can create the best packaging design to reinforce your brand. Engage your audience through packaging. Contact us today!