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Cobb Christmas unveils new Web site

news_ccWith the expert help of Sellier Design, Cobb Christmas has totally revamped its Web site, The new layout is easy to navigate and features everything you need to know, including upcoming events, organizational history, contact information, photos and more. Donating to Cobb Christmas is just a mouse click away on a secure donation site. Similarly, signing up for this newsletter or to volunteer also takes just a click of your mouse.

Volunteer Spotlight: Sellier Design Kriston Sellier, owner
What activities does your company participate in to benefit Cobb Christmas?
Our company has stuffed and donated stockings in the past. We also developed a new Web site for Cobb Christmas this year.

How long have you been involved with Cobb Christmas? For the past two years.

Why did you get involved with Cobb Christmas? Having a business and living in Cobb County, I think it is important to help people locally. Cobb Christmas gives such a high percentage of its donations to the people who really need it. It is entirely volunteer run. So, everyone is dedicated for the right reasons.

What is your fondest Cobb Christmas memory? Hearing stories from other volunteers about how client families commented they would not have been able to provide holiday food and gifts for their children without the generosity of Cobb Christmas.

Why would you recommend others supporting Cobb Christmas? We live in a world of materialism and sometimes it’s difficult to realize the importance of helping others. Life is about giving back what you have been given. I know what it is like to not be able to pay the rent and to work three jobs to pay the bills. There is nothing better than seeing someone smiling through tears. It’s not about the stuff. It’s about the intangible (the hope) that you can give someone by being selfless.