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3 SEO Boosters for Your Website

Now that we’ve gone through a quick SEO 101 lesson, let’s get a little more detailed. While the foundation of SEO is built upon solid, well thought out content, there are a few SEO boosters that can continue to increase a website’s rankings. Without further ado, here are 3 SEO sprinkles to top off your strategy.

Social bookmarks: Every great piece of content that you write should be shared. Sites such as digg, stumbleupon and even Twitter can help your articles to receive a lot of attention and maybe even go viral. These bookmarks provide link juice, traffic to your site and major credit to search engine.

Links: Search engines view links as referrals. If someone’s linking to you, that means they value your site and find your content to be worthwhile. Therefore, the more people that recommend you, the more comfortable search engines feel recommending you also. On a similar note, by adding helpful links to your own content, you’re showing search engines that you care about providing useful information to your readers and that your site is worth visiting. And by linking to others, they might be flattered and feel inclined to link back to you, which is a huge SEO boost.

Tags and Categories: Behind every good piece of content is solid metadata and rich keywords. In addition to utilizing keywords in your anchor links, adding keywords as tags and categories will really punctuate the words you’ve selected to define you. To hone in on what keywords will benefit you the most, check out Google’s keyword tool.

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