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The FIFA World Cup Logo: Past, Present and Future

FIFA World Cup, the world’s most widely watched sporting event, originated in 1930 and is held every four years. With the emergence of each new tournament rotation (now in its 19th occurrence), a fresh logo is introduced to represent the host of that particular series. 

This year’s World Cup logo showcases a colorful design that strongly embodies the spirit of South Africa’s land and people. The colors flawlessly represent both the logo of FIFA as well as the African flag. The logo’s figure, which is in the midst of kicking a ball, exhibits an exciting energy through its movement. And the lively typeface sprawled beneath the kicking figure emits a South African vibe. Altogether, these 3 elements lend a certain vibrancy to this year’s games.


There have been some fabulous past logos as well. Take for instance the very first logo for the 1930 games.

The 1934 World Cup Logo

The 1950 World Cup Logo


The 1986 World Cup Logo

And the future is looking bright as well! Check out the 2014 logo for the World Cup in Brazil.

What’s your favorite logo?

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