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SEO in a Jiffy – 5 Quick Tips to a Stronger Site

quick SEO tipsInterested in all of the benefits of SEO but short on time? Then this blog post is just for you! 

Follow these 7 tips to boost your efforts in a hurry. And when you find a little more time, mosey on back here for some more search engine optimization tricks.

  1. Content is a huge influencing factor of your ranking score. Focus on creating strong, useful content and make sure to update the content often.
  2. Links are the next important layer of a fully baked site. Build strong networks of backlinks and also link to thought leaders in your niche.
  3. Use keywords and phrases (without spamming or stuffing the page) in titles, descriptions, text links and the domain name.
  4. Optimize videos and images with strategic file names, ALT attributes, and and titles. It’ll help the content to show up blended search results and will also help the overall impact of your SEO efforts.
  5. The bottom line in SEO is Text, Links, Popularity and Reputation.