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The Small Business Guide to Twitter

twitter businessIt wasn’t too long ago when Social Media was strictly a source of entertainment for college students and teens. Luckily, the business world soon embraced online networking, and these days social sites are utilized more and more.

And why shouldn’t they be? In addition to possessing the potential to go viral and produce widespread exposure, these sites are free! Who wouldn’t want an overflow of leads with little to no financial investment?

To help you cash in to the business side of the social world wide, here are a few tips on how to use Twitter for your business:

  • Select a profile picture (your logo, for example) and page background that is not only professional and pleasing to the eye, but speaks of your company’s value as well.
  • Tweet 1 to 2 times a day…enough to keep it current and fresh, but not so much that it’s overkill for follows.
  • Tweet helpful information. One big advertisement about yourself is going to kill the potential for any prospect interest. Instead, think about your target audience. What are they interested in hearing about? What are some of the questions that they may ask when considering your product? What helpful links would they most likely find valuable?
  • Always reply! No matter the nature of the tweet, be sure to answer questions or acknowledge the shout out by a few tweeter.
  • Tweeting isn’t a one way street. Rather than utilizing Twitter to just prattle off, seize the opportunity to keep customers informed about your newest events and projects. At the same time, encourage customers to fire off a quick tweet whenever they have a question or need information.
  • Use Google Analytics to measure the traffic being directed to your blog or website from Twitter. Measuring success will help you not only to improve your strategy but also prove Twitter’s value to your company.

What are some of your Twitter tips?