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The Psychology of Colors in Logo Design

color wheel pencilsLogos are intended to reach out and connect with the audience, proving to prospects that a certain business is exactly what they need. While an eye catching design and clever tagline are important components of the overall appeal, other elements can play a large part in a logo’s impact.

Colors draw out a certain emotion and can be utilized to help consumers truly connect. Whether using yellow to denote illumination, black for formal elegance, or pink for youthful exuberance, the following colors can be applied to logo designs when looking to emphasize specific meanings or emotions.


Red – One of the more intense hues on the color wheel, red conveys passion, energy, excitement, strength, courage or aggression.

color red logo

Pink – Could a color possible be cuter? Pinks are commonly used to denote femininity, softness, playfulness and innocence.

Color Pink Logo

Orange – Often used for that eye catching “pop,” orange represents energy and fun. Orange can additionally be used to show warmth, caution, exuberance and cheerfulness. 

color orange nickelodeon logo

Yellow – Radiating warmth and light, this sunny shade shows illumination, positivity and discovery.

yellow smart buy logo

Green – A calmer color, green often comprises designs having to do with the environment, tranquility, health, freshness and nature.

color green woodenhouse logo

Brown – As rich as it is neutral, browns and beiges show earthiness, utility, woodiness and authenticity.

campground logo


Blue – Forever popular, blues can mean various things depending on their sheen. Pale blues are calm, ethereal, pacific, clean and cool. Darker blues are more serious, analytical, authoritative and scholarly.

Color light blue aqua massage logo

Color dark blue archive logo

Purple – Purples express royalty, spirituality, sophistication and mystery.

Color purple zenubu logo

Black – The final color to complete the wheel, black logos are often elegant, formal, serious and sometimes mournful.

color black northfields tailors logo