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5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Website

Freshens Website by Sellier DesignAs I’ve mentioned in past posts, a beautifully designed website can attract the attention of numerous prospects. Beyond aesthetics, a successful website must be easy to navigate, filled with compelling information, and presented in a helpful layout. 

A stunning website will attract your target audience. These five tricks will keep them glued to your page. 

1.) Add a search box – When a prospect is looking for something specific, he or she will want to cut to the chase. By adding a search box, the client can easily find exactly what he or she came for. No frustration, no headaches and no loss of sale. It may take a little time to set up your own search box, but it’ll only take a handful of minutes to add a Google search box.

2.) Test Your Speed – Want to know the fastest way to lose a customer? Give them a website that takes forever to load. When a site doesn’t  pop up immediately, prospects are most likely to exit quickly and move on to the next search result. Test your speed by visiting your page on a slow speed internet connection. If the decade ends before the site is complete, consider designing the page with fewer images and possibly no flash at all. Too many high-res images or too much flash might be weighing your site down.

3.) Update Your Content Regularly – A website should evolve with the company. Search engines appreciate updated content because they view the information as staying relevant and fresh. Prospects feel the same way. Reviewing your website regularly will keep you aware of the information you’re presenting to the world, as well as any components on your pages that need to be updated.

4.) Eliminate ‘Click Here’ – Out of context, the phrase ‘click here’ will mean nothing to website visitors. Most prospects will scan or skip content to find what they’re looking for. Label the link clearly so that customers will easily know what they’re clicking. Added bonus: keywords included in the link label will gain SEO strength.

5.) Add an About Page – It doesn’t have to be the length of a novel, but a short page that tells your story will put a person behind the URL. Be sure to include contact information so that prospects will be able to contact you with questions or inqueries.