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5 New Year Resolutions for Businesses in 2012

2012 is well underway and gyms are currently packed. While most people recognize the opportunity the new year affords as a fresh start fornye personal habits and aims, fewer individuals use this time to set professional goals. Here at id8, we’re encouraging you to seize the day! These 5 resolutions will help you to become a lean, mean, money grubbing machine.

  1. Go Mobile – If you haven’t yet, consider coming up with a ‘mobile strategy’ for your company. 15% of all searches on Google are from a Mobile device and by 2015, Internet users will employ mobile devices  to access the web more than PCs. By ensuring your website, search marketing and email marketing are mobile friendly, you’ll be tapping into a broader market.
  2. Brand Yourself – What better time to come up with an exciting campaign than when the year is brand new? Pun intended.
  3. Network Online – 2012 is the year to dive in to social media. New to the arena? Start by investing 15 minutes a day. And to be clear – social media is used best when establishing customer relationships and quality customer service. Posting shameless self promotion on social networking sites will only earn your company a bad reputation.
  4. Refresh Your Website – It may seem like just yesterday when you put together website content, but it’s most likely already time for a revamp! Search engines grade your website on the freshness of its content, therefore it’s smart to update regularly. Prospects are looking for a site that is easy to navigate, informative, relevant and easy on the eyes. Make sure your URL will have them hooked.
  5. Let Your Personality Shine Through – It’s great to be professional, but not at the cost of your identity. Clients want to do business with people, not enterprises. When creating your website and social media sites, take a step back and ask yourself, “Who are we? What does this say about us? What impression is this content creating?” Loosen up a button or two, if necessary.

What are your business goals for 2012?