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5 Smart New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

Every year, January offers a fresh and motivated start to the months ahead. For businesses, these resolutions most often 2013-resolutions1center around increasing profitability and gaining efficiency. The following goals are a great way to improve business and garner those extra leads.

  1. Freshen online presence – Engage audiences both old and new with original content. Update web copy to reflect your company’s current state and simultaneously improve SEO (search engine optimization). Start a blog to discuss hot industry topics as well as keep consumers abreast of the company’s latest news and events. Update the look and feel of all company sites including Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Improve Customer Relations – Go above and beyond to build a positive relationship with your customers. After all, they’re the ultimate gatekeepers of your professional reputation. Work proactively to find out their satisfaction level and what they feel needs improvement. Put a face to their name by engaging with them via social media. Finally, add a little personalization to their customer experience by sending welcome emails and happy birthday messages.
  3. Offer More Training to Your Employees – Knowledge is power and there’s always something new to learn. Whether it be industry specific, skill related, or lessons in management, investment in education will translate into a better, faster and more productive workforce.
  4. Encourage Employee Feedback – Nobody knows your business better than the individuals who are implementing it. Take the time to hear their perspectives, then use that knowledge to improve processes and strategy. Whether you decide to take out small groups for lunch or implement an anonymous employee satisfaction survey, use the method that will garner the most honest feedback.
  5. Give Back to Your Community – Take this year to volunteer and spread goodwill. Whether you decide to mentor, engage in community service, or make donations, lead by example with an ongoing effort to make your community a better place. In addition to creating great karma, all of your honest work will build positive exposure.