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4 Important Social Media Tools for Every Business

The internet is a seemingly endless world filled with millions, scratch that, billions of people. With so many conversations Social Media Toolsand so many corners, how does a company efficiently manage its online brand and overall social media strategy? The following tools can help organizations of every size not only control, but also build their online reputation.

  • Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to manage your activities on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. It allows you to prepare posts ahead of time. You can also create a dashboard that alerts you of mentions of your handle or a hashtag. Thus the tool helps you engage with others quickly without having to login to each channel and waste time scrolling through feeds and posts. Additionally, the tool provides insight into what your most effective content is so that you can tailor future content based on that information.
  • Google Alerts are free email updates that allow you to monitor certain keywords or phrases. Want to know every time a client or competitor mentions you online? Simply set up an alert for your company name and Google will let you know whenever and wherever your name pops up.
  • Google Reader is a web based aggregator that stores all of your online subscriptions to blogs and other sites into one comprehensive spot. Fill Reader with meaningful and relevant content you can search through to find the best pieces to share with your audience.
  • WordPress allows companies to build powerful websites and blogs. Not only does Google love WordPress and rank its sites more favorably, but the tool is easy to use and extremely affordable as well.