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Love My Chia Seeds Website & Branding Strategy


Susan and Todd Stuart approached id8 to develop a website and branding strategy for their business selling Mila Chia Seeds, a super food and natural source of Omega-3s, antioxidants and phytonutrients. The scope of work included brand development, website, and social media design.

The first step was to develop a brand that encompassed Susan and Todd’s vision, to change people’s lives through providing a healthier, happier lifestyle. Through strategic talks with the clients, id8 developed the name “Love My Chia Seeds”.current_chia-3 The next step was to begin designing a website for Love My Chia Seeds. Our challenge came in personalizing a WordPress template to create a unique and impactful design. id8 developed a color scheme and imagery that evokes the living a better life core belief of the Love My Chia Seeds brand.

After launching the website, id8 focused on Social Media to increase the web footprint of Love My Chia Seeds, through Facebook and Twitter. The strategy centered around having multiple places for users to interact with the brand to grow excitement for Mila.current_chia-4

id8 invested a lot of time getting to know Todd and Susan and understanding their vision for Love My Chia Seeds; to change people’s lives. Understanding their vision allowed us to build a successful brand strategy that clearly communicates a healthy way of living message.