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PROactive or REactive?

Chalkboard with the words "Dream Big Set Goals Take Action"


How does your company plan? What do you want your future to look like? What will it take to get there?  Tools are the answer. While we all are enjoying some time off during the holiday season, take some downtime to brainstorm, think and most importantly, dream!


Your wildest dreams of professional success can happen, with the right tools. Like a map leading the way, your carefully crafted plan to get you where you want to be is key. A business that is REactive is like having a map and only seeing what’s under your feet and not enjoying the view of what’s before you. How can you enjoy the view? Be PROactive. Plan. Plan. Plan. And be ready to change with the times. Your competitors may be using the same old ways to attract new business. You will stand out as an innovative leader among your competitors by HOW you reach your end buyer.


The biggest change in the past decade is how fast the digital world is constantly evolving. With the growth of social media sites, blogs, email campaigns, SEO tools, online advertising, website directory listings, and even business and product review sites, my goodness, there are SO many ways to reach your client online!


Embrace the changes, learn about them, use them, PLAN, be PROactive, see results! But wait, don’t rush it. Is your website up to snuff? Is your logo primed for the big leagues? Is your brand communicating what it needs to TODAY, or is there some dust on that “branding shelf “? Put your best foot forward in the digital age. First things first, look inward before you promote outward. No dust, no cobwebs, fresh message, design and strategic plan…now everything is bright and shiny and ready for the world’s digital stage!


A Marketing Plan is 5 steps in a continual circle: analyze, plan, develop, deploy, monitor