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It’s the time of year where we reflect on the past year and look forward with excitement to what 2014 holds for us. This is always the time of year where I reorganize my office and prepare for a fresh start to the New Year. An organized and well-crafted plan for where you want your business to be is pivotal to your success. id8 is here to help you craft a strategic plan and make it come to life by managing your branding, advertising, and marketing goals for the long-term success of your company. Here are some points to toss around:



1. Are you happy with the rate your business is growing?

If yes, is there a plan in place to maintain it?

If no, what can you do to increase your client base and in turn increase growth? Networking is key. Ask your current or past clients if they would share their testimonial about working with you.



2. Do you have a modern branding strategy to help boost or maintain prominence in your industry?

If yes, consider partnering with us to review your corporate branding strategy for a professional assessment.

If no, id8 is here to help in all aspects of corporate branding strategy.



3. Do you feel connected with your clients?

If yes, good…now see Q. 3 below.

If no, are you reaching out to them and being where they are? Selecting the right social media outlet is important. Be where your clients are.



4. Do your clients feel connected with you?

If yes, good!

If no, how are you engaging your clients? What can you do differently to really connect with them?



5. Have you embraced changing technology?

If yes, good! Keep it up!

If no, why? Are you too busy, or not into the whole technology thing? That’s ok. Teaming up id8 will help get your business up to snuff. Connecting with a creative agency immersed in the tech world can do wonders for your success. We will be happy to evaluate your website, social media presence, blogs, or provide an over-all design and tech review.



6. Is your business consistent in message and imagery?

(logo, brand identity, web design, brochures, advertising, social media, press, etc.)

If yes, great! This is so important isn’t it?!

If no, it’s time to answer this: If your business were to stand in front of a mirror, what would it look like and what would it say? Now you have a good guide for what should be your consistent message and imagery.


id8 is here to be the creative spark that fuels the fire of your success in 2014.