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WOW! Your Clients With Presentations presented from your Tablet!

Do you remember the big VHS video camera? Who can forget sitting in the audience of a recital and you’d see parents with the huge box on their shoulder taping their kiddos on stage. Back then that was a big deal using the latest technology. Fast forward many years and little did we know just how, well, little the video camera would become. The cell phone has also gone from being a brick to slick in our time. And now, today’s cell phone is all you need to record that recital video.

Think about how innovations in technology can change the way your company presents information to your clients. Now with the iPad and other tablets, your sales presentations can pack more POW! than ever before. Tap and swipe to play is as simple as it gets and it shows your clients that you are focused on the latest and greatest technology. So long are the days of stagnant PowerPoint presentations to show a client what your company can do.  The possibilities are endless for presentations presented on tablets: streaming video, page turns, animated text and music,  are all ways to engage the viewer and while getting them to interact with the information you are presenting.

Arm your team with the technology they need to make sales presentations, share videos, place orders, and sign contracts on the spot, and all with one tool! PowerPoint has several technology limitations. Depending on what the PowerPoint presentation is displayed on, it may become misconstrued. We all know someone with a PowerPoint horror story who couldn’t get their presentation to run during a meeting. And in the high tech world of today, people become quite bored while watching a PowerPoint presentation.

iPad and tablet presentations are interactive and are not browser limited. When presenting new and innovative information to a client, it’s your chance to show themt that you are current and up to date with technology. iPad/tablet presentations are unique in that they can change on the fly and are easily customizable, which is perfect for businesses wanting to “WOW” their clients with a presentation that is driven by innovation.

If you are looking to enhance your current presentation, let us know. We can build and design custom presentations for your company that will set you apart from your competitors, while leaving a lasting impression on your clients.