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How to Choose a Web Designer

Your website is a mission-critical tool in your marketing efforts, so choosing a web designer shouldn’t be taken lightly. At id8, we know it’s a difficult and sometimes confusing process, with many components to consider, from design to writing to technology. Here are some guidelines to follow as you begin your search:

1. A good listener
The web design process should be collaborative. You want the designer working on your website to listen to your wants and needs through the development process so they can deliver the solution that works best for you.

2. Creative design and development experience
A designer with a proven track record of success is essential. Be sure to look at the designer’s portfolio of successful projects. Don’t just look at screenshots on their site; look at sites that are live so you can navigate around them. Also, ask to speak with references.

3. Designing for the user experience
The goal in a website is to utilize both form and function. A good looking site that is hard to use will scare people off, while a functional site that doesn’t look good isn’t going to attract people in the first place. Look for someone who can create a functional and well-designed site to maximize the user experience. Ask to see some examples, and don’t just look at screenshots on their site; look at sites that are live so you can navigate around them.

4. Programming knowledge
Your web designer needs to be able to not just design the site, but also bring it to life. Look for a designer with experience and staff with the following languages/technologies (depending on your project):

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Flash
  • Content Management Systems (WordPress or Joomla)

5. Easy to work with
The right web designer can make the process smooth and enjoyable, while the wrong one can make it painful. The right web design team will include people you enjoy working with and who respect you, collaborate with you, communicate with you…yet aren’t afraid to be honest with you if they disagree with you or have concerns about the direction you want to take. You’re hiring them for their expertise, so you should expect them to give it to you in a respectful, collegial manner.

At id8, we’ve been creating award-winning websites since 2000. Our designers and developers are seasoned professionals who are excited to partner with you to build an unforgettable site that will attract and retain customers.

Contact Us to get more information about how we can work with you to design website solution that will help you meet your goals.

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