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Marketing Strategy

You have everything in place…a strong brand identity, positioning, messages, a website, social media accounts…now what? To put all these tools to work and to use them smartly, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy. A good marketing strategy is a blueprint for your marketing efforts. With a marketing plan in place, you execute intelligent, measured plans instead of making decisions on the fly, by intuition, or worse—as a knee-jerk reaction to competition or market conditions. A comprehensive marketing plan helps you use your money and resources wisely and get the best results possible.

Regardless of the goal, id8 can help you build a strategy built on your positioning and messaging that will help you clarify and reach it, complete with objectives, tactics, and timelines. Want to reach out to a specific audience to let them know about a new product? We can help build a campaign that includes direct mail, email, advertising, social media, online content, public relations—the components that make the most sense to get in front of your target audience and make them pay attention. Looking for a big-picture, long-term strategy? We can help with that, too. We can help you develop a marketing plan for the year and beyond, for multiple products or lines of business, or for your company. We’ll create a plan that’s actionable, measurable, and will help you achieve success.

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