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Packaging design that boosts the brand

Why is packaging design so important? Consider that more than half of all purchases are based on emotion – and consumers are attracted to products that look good. Visually appealing packaging design influences sales by encouraging the consumer to reach for one brand vs. another in a cluttered retail environment.

Food packaging must perform some critical functions: to protect the product, and to provide necessary information about the product via proper labeling. Beyond the basic functions, however, packaging design communicates a brand identity to consumers who glance at a grocery shelf for a fleeting moment.

When id8 SLR_packagingdesign_id8_stickerclient Socks’ Love Rub Co. began seeing growing demand for their 100% all-natural spice blends, they approached the Atlanta-area advertising agency for rebranding and packaging design. Socks’ Love Rub launched as a home business with one seasoning blend and has since expanded to four.

The Socks’ Love Rub client wanted a better eye-catching package design to get consumers’ attention with a better differentiation between the flavors of the seasonings. In addition, they requested a design for the brand-new Socks’ Love Rub sauces. Prior to this packaging design project, the product packaging did not tell the Socks’ Love Rub “story”. It was functional and basic, and did not pull consumers’ eyes to the product. The packaging design needed to go further.


Socks’ Love Rub owner, Steven Hartsock, is thrilled with the rebrand and packaging design results so far, saying of the project, “The process is about 80% complete. Only the sauces remain. I am ecstatic with the results so far. My main objective was to have a better differentiation between the flavors of our seasonings. id8 nailed it! Our products will be THE BEST looking on the shelf. We already knew what was inside was the best; we just needed to get the consumers attention. We shouldn’t have a problem with that.” 


The full rebrand launches in spring 2016. Currently, Socks’ Love Rub can now be purchased online and has over 25 dealer locations in the southeast. Find a Socks’ Love Rub dealer online and follow Socks’ Love Rub Co. on Pinterest and Socks’ Love Rub Co. on Instagram. Need packaging design from a smart Atlanta advertising agency? Contact id8! We would be happy to discuss your rebranding or any design needs.