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Market research: test it before you sell it

There is always room for market research. Jumping into an advertising campaign or marketing collateral project without key market research data can blind you to the most essential keys that will lead to success. Can market research be very expensive? Yes, but it does not have to be. In a recent post on Digital Information World, the writer lists six ways to do market research on a budget. Listed as DIY efforts, these methods – including competitive analysis, surveys, and smart use of online communities – can be done in-house. However, it is important to remember that proper market research directs marketing ideas and advertising campaign imagery and messaging from the start, which can lead to bottom-line success. It is critical to do it right, and partnering with a research-savvy marketing firm is worth the investment.

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A marketing firm will have experienced professionals who know their way around a survey questionnaire and data analysis. Marketing professionals have the know-how to dig into target audiences to define the most likely buyers and the most persuasive messages and attributes that lead them to purchase. Marketing professionals can go beyond simple reporting of market research data to translate what it actually means and how it should mold the voice, imagery, and messaging of an advertising campaign. Data for data’s sake is not a useful result. Truly actionable insights are critical.

id8 is an Atlanta-area advertising agency in Marietta, Georgia. We specialize in understanding our brands first. We take the time to discuss goals and we dive into the competitive landscape, target audience profile, and any current challenges our brands face. Market research is a critical first step; every project begins with understanding you. To learn how our experienced professionals can manage your brand’s market research effort, contact id8 today. 770-428-8668 or