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Graphic design strategy: make business cards stand out

Graphic Design Atlanta Business Card

Is your company branding displayed effectively and consistently with strategic graphic design?

A solid branding strategy will define the intended effect of a brand on potential and existing customers. Graphic design, i.e., visual elements including logo, website, business cards, brochures, and more, should always support that strategy. Graphic design enhances the brand vision as a whole and summarizes the brand promise to consumers in an eye-catching way.

In today’s age of digital business, tangible materials still hold an important role in presenting brand image. Take business cards, for example. Business cards provide a personal way to make an introduction, especially at large events like trade shows or conferences where you can quickly engage in an in-person conversation with many people throughout the day. The graphic design elements on a business card provide the initial impression of a company by portraying the image of that business in a brief moment. Business cards should not be of poor quality or appear as if they were typed up in the middle of the night. Graphic design that follows a tight branding strategy is important to brand identity. What first impression should your business have? Creative, modern, information-rich business card design can effectively reinforce a positive brand image.

Graphic Design Atlanta Business Card

Recently, id8 created a branding and graphic design strategy for the CEO and Founder of RL Hinton, CPA PC in Kennesaw, Georgia. id8 created a fresh identity for the firm and from that, they produced attractive, strategy-driven pieces like business cards, letterhead, and envelopes.

The client reviewed id8’s team effort with high praise.

“id8 established a fresh and new identity for my firm. The contemporary color and design depart from traditional accounting firms, and I love it. They listened to me, and I trusted them… id8 designed my business cards and created a slogan. As a by-product of their creativity, they created a slogan: “accounting built for you.” They successfully put my firm’s new identity into words. id8 [also] designed my letterhead and envelopes. My firm has cutting-edge stationery, and I look forward to using it in future direct mail campaigns.” –R.L. Hinton, CPA PC

Graphic Design Atlanta Business Card

For graphic design, website design, branding strategy, and other advertising needs, you can trust the Atlanta-area advertising professionals at id8 to handle your brand with care and expertise.

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