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Improving customer loyalty with experiential design

experiential design study room

Experiential design produces environments that communicate. Today’s business environment is very customer-centric. First impressions are extremely important when it comes to creating brand loyalty. When consumers walk into your business and engage with your brand, what experience do they have?

Experiential design is a process that focuses on making every brand touch point consistent and memorable. It begins with an on-site audit that notes observations made from way finding signage through the first drive-up impressions, to staff interactions, and aesthetics of the business interior/exterior. Interviews with staff, stakeholders, and at times clients are conducted to gain further insight into the business culture.

experiential design CSU example

Experiential design before/after from JSD Australia

It can be difficult for business owners to step back and gain a customer’s perspective about how they engage with their brand because they are too close to it. Using experiential design allows branding professionals to understand the big picture, strategically analyze potential problems, and study the competition. A complete analysis report will deliver effective recommendations to help create brand loyalty for your business.

experiential design CSU study

University study room from JSD Australia

When every aspect of a business is tailored to the customer’s needs, they perceive the brand as a solution. They develop loyalty and they come back again. Does your business location create the perception you want for your brand? Contact id8 advertising agency to learn more about how we can help your business through experiential design.