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Four brand activations that were absolutely memorable

brand activations Pimms

Uniquely memorable brand activations have become some marketers’ answer to message clutter. Brand activations can build the popularity of products and brands.

What makes a successful brand activation?

First, targeting is key. Brand activation should speak to the lifestyle and interests of the target consumer. In addition, social integration, cross-branding, and sampling should be strategically incorporated. Most of all, the brand activation should give consumers an extraordinary hands-on experience.

It is possible to produce an outstanding brand activation for most any kind of product. Here are four memorable brand activations in different industries that deserve an extra look:

brand activations Pimms


Food and Beverage

The Pimm’s popup teapot bar at Wimbledon 2015 — The popup tea bar featured a variety of Pimm’s flavors, a white picket fence and faux grass. In addition, plenty of televisions were also present so no one missed any Wimbledon action.

Home Improvement

Flor carpet squares at a Chicago music festival — Chicago-based Flor handed out thousands of carpet squares for music festival attendees to make carpeted seating areas on the ground. Consequently, when rain and foot traffic turned the grass to mud, attendees used the squares of carpet to cover the muddy spots.

Skin Care

The Nivea Doll sunscreen awareness — A Nivea brand activation team visited a beach and handed out a unique doll that sunburns when exposed to UV rays. Kids were able to apply sunscreen to their own Nivea doll to protect it. As a result, they were better able to understand the importance of sunscreen and re-application.

Performance Artistry

The Bumbys at SXSW 2016 — The Bumbys offered a “fair and honest appraisal of appearance” to SXSW attendees. Bumbys are surprisingly perceptive. They appraise each visitor while masked in blue handkerchiefs, headphones and sunglasses. Attendees who visited the Bumbys took home a slip of paper detailing their appraisal.

brand activations Bumbys


These brand activations made people look twice. They provided service, product, or entertainment in a unique way. Most importantly, these brand activations were successful in bringing the brand to life in a tangible and memorable way.