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Trade show design essentials

trade show booth design

Trade show marketing can be a costly expense for many companies, so it is important to make a strong impact for successful return on investment. Does your brand message stand out in a trade show environment? These essentials can drive a successful trade show experience.

Double wide trade show booth for WoodwardBooth design

Attention-grabbing design makes a trade show booth stand out among many. A unique booth draws more visitors. Booth design should always have eye-catching copy with legible text and a consistent color scheme that matches the brand. Images are great, but too many can create a busy environment in a small space. Booth design should be simple enough to communicate one main idea with a “punch.”

Promotional Materials

Collateral pieces like business cards, handouts and brochures communicate the brand personality and promise. These should always be attractive, easy to understand, and well branded. Ensure that promotional pieces are always visible and bring extras to the trade show, just in case.


A professionally designed banner projects the company brand, even when viewed from a distance. A banner should be simple with colors, logos, and images that match the core branding of all other marketing elements.


Interesting and engaging video attracts attention and drives traffic to a booth. Video can also bring a product or service to life by demonstrating the benefits and solutions. It is especially important for products or services that cannot be demonstrated in-person on the show floor.


A highly effective trade show booth relies on a smart live marketing strategy. All of the elements of a booth must communicate effectively with bold and consistent branding. Trade show strategy should include a comparison of the competition and a deep understanding of the target audience wants and needs.

Design and strategy can elevate a booth for a successful trade show experience. For an extensive list of other essentials to bring along on exhibition day like scissors, extension cords, pens and snacks, check out this list from SMPS Arizona.