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The case for content marketing

content marketing small business

Content marketing gets a lot of attention these days. Businesses are adding dedicated positions and resources for ongoing content efforts. Content has become an important line item in the marketing budget for both large and small companies.

content marketing small business

Why should a small business devote time to content marketing?

Content marketing grows presence in search

When a website consistently adds new and useful content, Google’s algorithms will rank the site higher. Thanks to the tremendous growth in social media, consumers are more likely to share quality content. As a result, more traffic is driven to the business website. Companies that blog have 97 percent more inbound links than companies that do not. Inbound links are very valuable in boosting SEO performance.

Varied content reveals what the audience wants

Content marketing gives businesses the opportunity to see what the audience is eager to read. Through back-end analytics, it is possible to evaluate blog posts to develop a better understanding of where the audience’s interest lies. With this intelligence, businesses can then publish more content to satisfy the customers’ interests.

Content marketing adds support to the brand identity

Companies gain loyalty with a strong brand. Communicating a brand purpose provides an extra element of understanding between consumer and brand. Additionally, businesses can stand out from the competition with a brand purpose that goes beyond product alone.

Insightful content boosts credibility

Sharing insights, news, and ideas via content marketing puts your business in a position of thought leadership. When readers gain knowledge through your content, positive perception of your brand increases.

Content marketing can have multiple uses

Business blogging places informative and expert content on your website. Great content can translate into sharable social media and traffic-driving email content, so it has more than one benefit.

If you are not yet focusing resources on this important marketing element, it is time to take the step. We like this beginner’s guide to business blogging as a handy tool to get you thinking about content. id8 offers content services for businesses in many different industries, so please consider contacting us for professional guidance.