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Five impactful logo designs

impactful logo library art

An impactful logo plays an important role in branding. Logos boost the brand by drawing the eye and conveying the business purpose or promise. Therefore, an impactful logo is both aesthetically pleasing and intellectual.

Here, we highlight five logos with smart design and clear brand identities.

Library Lovers Art Auction

impactful logo library art

This logo design combines art and books in a clever way. The books make up the bristles of a paintbrush, combining both aspects of this event. The logo also uses a bright attractive color palette and a flat design. It evokes happy emotion and identifies the event at a glance.

Killed Productions

impactful logo killed

This is an unused concept for Killed Productions, but the play on a dead letter “i” is memorable. Also, this impactful logo has a sleek, modern design.

Spartan Golf Club

impactful logo SS golf

The clever logo for this golf club has two images within the design. A Spartan is visible in the negative space. Additionally, you can observe the shadow of golfing and a swing.


impactful logo target

Most everyone knows this logo, which is why it is one of the most iconic logos of all time. The Target logo has transitioned from an icon with text to just the standalone icon. The red and white bullseye design is incredibly simple and easy to identify. For this retail chain, that has proven to be an effective formula for an impactful logo.



Also on the list of most iconic, this logo for FedEx is entirely type/font based and a flat design. Flat design incorporates tiny details for elements, typography, and shapes. For FedEx, bringing the “E” and “x” together creates an arrow pointing forward in white space. This is symbolic of speed and accuracy.

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