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Four questions to ask when hiring a branding agency

id8 atlanta branding agency

id8 atlanta branding agency

Hiring a branding agency is a smart step in boosting your brand. Today’s consumers are distracted and bombarded with messages. A branding agency will build the right foundation for your brand and keep it consistent.

What should you ask when hiring a branding agency?

Hiring the right branding agency is important. Basic questions will help you learn about the agency’s history, work, and fees.  However, your questions should go beyond the basics.  Include these four questions in your search for a branding partner:

What is a brand?

The answer should not be, “branding is a logo, a slogan, and a website.” If this is the response given, beware. Branding is complex. It is a promise to the customer. Ideally, it leads to trust and loyalty. A brand includes visual elements and targeted messages. Additionally, branding merges consumer perception and the company’s personality, culture, and values. Branding should be consistent through all buyer touchpoints. Therefore, it does include logos and websites, but also social media, packaging, photography, and much more.

What are the agency’s core values?

You need your branding agency to be a match for your company. Understanding the agency’s core values will help you to hone in on intangible qualities. What you hear should resonate with you. It can help you separate a good fit from a perfect fit.

How do you create a brand?

The agency should understand that each business has a unique voice, goals, and challenges. The branding team will need to be able to translate your message into attractive work that resonates with current – and future – customers. A good branding agency will always customize their work to fit each client’s individual needs. They should not work from a one-size-fits-all template.

What are the highlights of your portfolio?

Ask for several references and examples of past work. Looking at the agency’s portfolio can help you evaluate their expertise and style.  Review their clients’ websites and materials. Is messaging consistent with look and feel? Are wording, colors, and images a natural fit with the design? Most importantly, do the brands all have a unique personality that makes sense?

While your questions are important, a good branding firm will have many questions also. Beware of a potential company that does not ask specific questions, because they may not be able to grasp who you are and what you need. Pay attention to what they ask you. Are they making a strong effort to understand everything they can about your brand? Are they going to provide a custom solution for your unique audience?