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Can a marketing agency build your personal brand?

id8 marketing agency _personal brand

Are leaders on their own when it comes to building a personal brand? Not necessarily. A marketing agency that has a strong handle on consumer preferences, content marketing, and social media can certainly help. Consumers are hungry for real; they reject excessive promotion. They also seek out relationships with brands. This is where a business leader’s personal brand has tremendous value. When leaders are authentic and human, people are more likely to develop trust in a brand. Personal branding is a personal commitment. However, a marketing agency can be a valuable advisor throughout the process.

id8 marketing agency _personal brand

Marketing pros have proven strategies for branding, including personal brands. Here, we discuss key first steps and how marketing expertise can boost success.

Question your value proposition

When a marketing agency launches a branding project, they ask questions. They dig into the brand values and benefits. Additionally, they investigate similarities and differences between the brand and competitors. They question goals and needs… and just about everything.

Questions for personal branding may include the following:
• What successes am I able to build – consistently?
• How does my leadership differ from others in the field?
• How do others define me – is this the brand I want to build upon?

Consistently demonstrate thought leadership

Well-respected leaders know their industries. It is never a bad idea to demonstrate expertise. Marketing pros can help a busy leader by keeping up with current and trending news in the industry. They can draft effective content and social posts that inform. Also, they can manage the fine line between personal branding and the company brand. Both must work hand in hand with a consistent tone and values. Consistency is paramount in branding, and experts have proven methods for auditing and maintaining consistency.

Be human

A marketing agency can help with consistency, scheduling and advising, but being human means being you. Sharing your personality outside of business is a great way to build the likeable human side of your personal brand. Share things you love. Show off a great vacation photo. Stay positive and illustrate who you are. Mixing human elements and thought leadership helps consumers to connect expertise and personality. Authenticity is refreshing.

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