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How to check trademarks for your next branding project

trademark search

Why are trademarks important when branding your business? Trademarks and brand perception influence purchase decisions every day. The marketplace is crowded and it can be difficult to distinguish between competitors. Branding and trademarks are efficient communication tools that capture attention. These make your message and brand stand out. In addition, a trademark keeps your most important brand elements safe from competitors.

trademark search

When starting branding development or redesign, you must understand your product, your desired brand personality and tone, as well as customers’ wants and needs. In addition, you need a thorough understanding of competitors. Do a comprehensive trademark search at the start, as well as throughout, any branding project. Failing to research a brand can lead to denial of registration or a cease-and-desist letter from another brand owner.

Info about US trademarks

Anyone can search the trademark database of the United States Trademark and Patent Office. The website also includes an overview of the trademark process and online application for a trademark.

How to search the US trademark database

  1. Click to the US trademark database
  2. Next, scroll down and click on link to Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), or Search Trademark button.
  3. Under Select a Search Option click on Basic Word Mark Search (New User)
  4. In View Search History make sure the options are selected as follows:
    • Plural and Singular and Live
    • Fill in Search Term
    • Field Select dropdown option ALL
    • Result Must Contain: All Search Terms (AND)
  5. Press Submit Query
  6. Then, view results


Branding should always set your company apart. The more you differentiate your brand from others, the easier it will be to protect. The business name and key brand elements should identify it distinctly. Trademarks are not expensive, and they hold a tremendous amount of value.