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Is it time to rebrand?

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Ask any branding agency pro, and they will tell you: sometimes it pays to rebrand. Your company brand should certainly have consistency and staying power, but a rebrand is sometimes necessary. Rebranding can range from a few subtle changes to a complete overhaul, depending on the state of the marketplace and the company vision.

rebrand id8 atlanta

Because redefining or revising your brand can be complex, rely on the expertise of a proven branding agency. A good branding agency can evaluate your business and current brand situation in order to help you determine if it is time to rebrand.

Is it time to rebrand?

It takes research and market understanding to answer this question. Branding agencies ask questions of their own in order to guide business owners to their answer. Some of these questions include:

Is your branding different from the competition?

Your brand tells consumers what they can expect from your products or services. A clear understanding of the marketplace is important. If your brand does not set your company apart, consumers will not be able connect it with recognizable value.

Did your company invest in design from the start?

Are all brand elements consistent? Was proper research and attention given in the development of the initial brand? If company growth was quick or unexpected, brand elements might have been rushed. In that case, it would be time to focus on a rebrand.

Has your business strategy changed?

The world changes, as do business models. Does your brand need to reflect modern technology? Do you serve an expanded geography? Have you surpassed initial business goals? A branding agency will delve deep into your strategy, goals, and current values to determine the best positioning as you move forward.

Do you need an introduction to a new audience?

If your company is struggling to connect with a younger audience, for example, a rebrand may be helpful. Rebranding can reintroduce your brand to your current audience, but also expand the message and values to new consumers.

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