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Atlanta vehicle wraps

box truck wrap

Have you ever considered vehicle wraps for your advertising in traffic-heavy Atlanta? Did you know that the average Atlanta resident spends five hours per week commuting? That is five hours of time seeing stalled cars, construction, billboards and numerous vehicles. As a result, each driver in Atlanta traffic is a captive audience for promotional messaging. Vehicles wrapped with vivid graphics and memorable messaging stand out. Therefore, wrapping your business vehicle(s) can produce positive returns on your investment. Wraps can add an average of 10 new calls per month to your sales plan.

Capital Restoration brand vehicle wraps

Capital Restoration completed a branding initiative to take them one step further than their competition. The id8 professionals in suburban Atlanta designed vehicle wraps for Capital Restoration trucks and vans. Drivers noticed the sleek, modern design on every interstate in metro Atlanta. As a result, Capital Restoration built positive brand awareness by taking advantage of the city’s heavy traffic.

vehicle wraps Atlanta


A standard wrap design costs $1,000 for id8 to design. Design for a fleet of vehicles starts at $2,500. Ad-wrapped cars and trucks usually collect 600 to 1,000 impressions per mile. Those numbers go up when the vehicle travels in traffic-heavy areas like Atlanta. In addition, wrapped vehicles garner impressions when parked. The CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) of vehicle advertising is extremely affordable, averaging about $0.77. And, CPMs can go even lower.

How often does your company update the fleet vehicle designs? Take a closer look at your vehicles and consider new vehicle wraps to freshen your look in the market and increase brand awareness. Your phone may ring a lot more often!