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Brand agency values and why they are important to clients

brand agency values

brand agency values

A brand agency and its competitors can have similar processes and tools. However, values and culture are distinctive. An agency’s core values will affect company decisions. In addition, values will guide hiring choices as well as employee behavior. Marketers looking for a brand partner should closely evaluate values to ensure a long-lasting relationship.  Narrow your agency selection to those that are innovative and collaborative.

Some questions to consider when evaluating agency values

  • What is the history of the agency’s brand?
  • Does the agency team appear willing to embrace the future?
  • What kind of people do they hire?
  • How does the agency resolve conflicts?
  • What protocols does the agency emphasize?
  • What are their creative standards?

Also, visit the agency. Does the office have a “feel”? Is there energy in the hallways?

Why is it important to consider values?

You want your brand agency to have a solid working relationship with your marketing team. Personality clashes will damage the process. Also, opposing visions can halt progress. If the partnership is collaborative, both sides can produce the best work. If the culture of the brand agency culture is similar to that of your business, you can predict a successful partnership. So hire an agency that fits your own company’s ideals.

Marketing is a big investment for most businesses. Therefore, the brand partner selection is not one to take lightly. Agencies that are committed to a culture of open communication and innovation set the standard for successful partnerships. While pitches have a place in choosing an agency, your own dive into values and culture will tell you much more. Hire an agency’s vision for the future, not just their portfolio of past work.