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The one-page sales sheet

sales sheets design

A sales sheet is a valuable tool for your sales force. It has similar size and features to a brochure, but with no folds and a singular focus on one product or product family. Sales representatives use sales sheets, also called slicks or product sheets, for face-to-face meetings, trade shows, and to hand to potential retailers. The first job of your sales sheet is to grab attention and generate interest. Second, it should provide detail and useful information (with just enough held back to entice the customer to reach out with questions). Finally, it should drive phone calls and/or emails to the sales force. Sales sheets are useful for numerous products across various industries. Technical products, unique services, and real estate sales teams will benefit from use of one-sheet collateral, as will others.

sales sheets design

Design considerations for your sales sheet

  • Include a captivating headline
  • Sell more than a product, sell the solution it provides
  • Show off products by including eye-catching high-res photos
  • Compare benefits vs. the competition
  • Write a clear call-to-action
  • Do not forget contact information

Consistent branding and thoughtful design are important on all branded materials, including your sales sheet. Your slick should be a clear extension of the brand and everything in your sales force’s hands should be impactful and recognizable. Successful sales collateral will boost awareness and knowledge of what your brand has to offer.