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Unique folders that leave a lasting impression

folder design id8 school

Custom-designed folders allow you to leave more behind than just a business card. Make a professional first impression with your marketing materials, and organize them in an attractive coordinating folder. Pocket folders are excellent for presenting and distributing brochures and other documents. They work best, however, when the folder has a memorable design. The folder and everything in it should visually convey your company message. Also, ensure that the folder’s contents appeal to the target audience.

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Unique business card position. Presentation folders with business cards do not have to be traditional. So, experiment with the placement of your business card and die-cut windows.

Unique pockets. Presentation pockets can be customized in virtually any shape. Brainstorm shapes that match your brand story or industry.

Unique texture/feel. Paper stocks come in a wide variety of colors and styles. A non-standard stock will give your folder a different textural effect. Linen, felt, and smooth stock are just a few examples. Additionally, consider foil, embossing, or debossing.

Remember to use eye-catching colors for your marketing materials. Smart use of color will bring out your logo, your brand colors, or your mission statement. Stay on brand, but be bold when it makes sense.

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Folders provide information in an interactive take-away.

Touch signals memory. Therefore, invite consumers and current clients to touch, open, and interact with your brand through the folder used as a leave behind. Customized folders will pull together your talking points in one great take-away and help prospects to recall your brand. The creative team at id8 works with their clients to design folders that make a positive impact on sales. Increase your value immediately with a unique folder.

folder design id8 school