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Fascinating facts about Halloween spending

halloween spending facts

halloween spending facts

Did your business miss the Halloween hype this year? Plan for next year and include Halloween on your marketing calendar. Marketing tactics can start weeks ahead of the holiday, within the few days before, and even just afterwards.

Halloween spending

Halloween spending is forecast to break records for retail in 2017, with retail spending expected to increase 8% over 2016. According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween retail spending will reach $9.1 billion this year. Costumes will represent nearly 40% of that total, followed by candy and decorations at 30% each.

Haunted attractions

Consumers love to experience frightening attractions in October, and they pay an average of $15 per ticket to attend them. Almost 23% of Americans said they plan to visit a haunted house this year, according to the NRF survey. Haunted attractions generate $300 million in revenue each year in the U.S. Marketers who find creative ways to blend holiday scares into their business may be able to bring in additional dollars in October. Consider haunted evening events that blend your business function with frightening faces and scenes.


Millennials are a hot target for marketers. Halloween spending for adult parties will potentially boost sales for numerous brands, and millennials are more likely than any other group to attend or host a Halloween party.

Family activities

Handing out candy is the most popular planned activity each year. Over 70% of consumers surveyed reported that they plan to hand out candy. Other family activities include decorating (49%), carving pumpkins (46%), trick-or-treating (31%), and dressing up pets (16%).

Halloween marketing promotions can be quick and simple, or complex and expensive. Keep your brand identity in mind and incorporate holiday fun, if and where it fits.