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Sweet, sour, and spicy: packaging for pickles

packaging design for pickles

We are a specialized branding agency in the South that is passionate about packaging design. Have you ever put any thought into the sweet, sour, and spicy world of… pickles? We have! Foodies have been pickling cucumbers for thousands of years – not only for their taste, but also for health benefits. Did you know that Julius Caesar fed pickles to his troops because he believed they supported physical and spiritual strength? Or that Cleopatra attributed her good looks to a hearty diet of pickles?

Today, U.S. consumers eat over 5 million pounds of pickles annually. The United States is the largest contributor to the growth of the pickles and pickle products market. Factors such as health benefits and taste enhancement influence this market. There are also opportunities from the rising popularity of non-GMO, organic pickles and perceptive consumers who shop for healthy benefits.

packaging design for pickles

Required information on pickle packaging

Basic labeling requirements for pickles include a statement of identity, the net weight, the packer’s address, the ingredients list, and a nutrition label. Additional information may be required on the label based on the type of process used to make the product. The rest of the packaging design should entice consumers to move the item off shelves and into their shopping carts.


pickle packaging design

Be creative with packaging design

Consumers will notice visually stimulating and informative labels. Pickle packaging is an opportunity to express brand values from the grocery store shelf.  Consider some of these design tips:

  • Texture adds to the homemade feel
  • Clear packaging allows buyers to see the goodness
  • Think beyond the typical jar for a unique shelf presence
  • Borrow packaging designs from flavor sources (for example, a design for beer infused pickles might draw from beer cans or craft beer bottle labels)

Whether your brand is completely “in a pickle” or just in need of an upgraded look, our Atlanta packaging design team can help. We would love to talk to you!