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Intentional color in beauty product branding

color beauty product branding

color beauty branding

Smart use of color is an essential and dynamic tactic in branding. In fact, 93% of buyers focus on a product’s visual appearance when making their purchase decisions. And, what would visual appearance be without color? Branding experts and graphic designers rely on color to impact consumer behavior and decisions. This is especially important in competitive industries. The U.S. beauty industry is a great example.

Independent beauty brands are leading the way

The competition within this $17.7 billion beauty industry is fierce. Major cosmetics companies are constantly wooing the business of sophisticated customers. However, independent beauty brands are growing rapidly, which indicates a shift in consumer tastes. Younger buyers are quick to reward entrepreneurial passion and creativity. These generations are defining culture with self-expression and sharing it with the world via social media.

The influence of color in beauty product branding

Beauty products must stand out on store shelves while having packaging that also looks great in photos. At the same time, branding should evoke feelings and represent values. Color selection can make or break a beauty brand. Common hues in the beauty industry differ from more conservative industries. For instance, pink is a natural choice for conveying femininity, while purple is elegant and luxurious. Companies that make natural beauty products often choose green or white as their main colors in packaging and marketing. White reflects simplicity and cleanliness. It also immediately catches the eye when used in branding. Green is the color of freshness, nature, and health. These values match the overall marketing message for natural and organic skincare, as well as products that contain botanical extracts.

Branding creates feeling and represents an image, which plays a role in influencing purchase. When used successfully, color will match a desired personality. There is no rule to choosing color in beauty branding – it is not a requirement to have pink, white, or green packaging. If a beauty brand is vibrant and different, a bright pop of orange may be the best representation.


color in beauty branding

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