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Boutique branding agencies: what do they really offer?

So, what exactly does a boutique branding agency, like id8, offer that a larger advertising and branding agency lacks? You may think a bigger company will be able to handle your needs more efficiently and will yield better results, but that’s not really the case. Not only will a boutique branding agency be able to fine-tune your wants and needs, they will also be able to deliver everything with flexibility, openness, and speed.

It’s our specialty

Larger agencies will try to cross-sell their services instead of focusing on a few specialties, and this is where we like to shine. Since id8 is a boutique agency, we only offer what we love (and know how) to do. Just a new logo design on your mind? We can do that. Want to add on some new packaging designs and labels to incorporate that new fancy logo? Sure thing! What about a complete brand overhaul with all the bells and whistles? These types of projects are our favorite, by the way, and we will absolutely make it happen. We specialize in what we know, and we won’t try to convince you otherwise.

We are nimble

The bigger guys have a lot of people to work with and a lot of hoops to jump through. Because we are more focused, those extra tasks are simply not there. We can work as fast – or as slow – as needed. We don’t have to wait for approval from the next step up the ladder, nor do we have to play the telephone game to get an answer from the next department. Our process is efficient and personable, making it a little less stressful for both parties involved.

We are value-focused

Every project we take on isn’t just another notch on our creative belt. We aren’t resting on a big reputation to uphold, so we like to get up close and personal with every organization we work with. And if the project we take on doesn’t benefit everyone involved, we will either try to find a way to turn it around or simply not do it at all. Values tend to get lost in larger agencies, and the more dollar signs that are thrown their way, the more likely they are to succumb to the depths of robotic, lifeless, and meaningless work. We care about each person at our agency, which translates to a care for every client, and we make sure everyone’s values align on all fronts.

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You get to work with a team of collaborators

Our designers aren’t hidden. Yes, it’s completely true. A project with a larger agency will start to look like it’s assembled on a conveyor belt, which could hinder communication between departments or foster an environment where messaging is inconsistent. Every project is a team effort, so some of the best ideas can come from someone least expected. This also means that you get to speak with who you need directly (like a designer, for example) and not have to go through a scenario where your wants and visions are skewed through multiple people and translations.

You get regular check-ins

When we are working with a client, we like to check in regularly to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. You’ll get to see all of our work – sketches, visions, and all – so nothing is stuck behind the proverbial curtain for months on end. You’ll give – and receive – regular feedback to make sure the project is exactly what you want and need.

Finding a boutique branding agency like id8 to guide you in your branding efforts can be tiresome, but the end result will be well worth it. You’ll ultimately have a solution that is catered completely to you and your business, delivered quickly and on time, and focused on your values. You’ll come out with a partner with your business dedicated to making sure you succeed.

For more information on how id8 can help you develop a brand identity, visit us at or email us at We’d love to work with you!